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Product Details
With Slide Show Duo, you can display 2 consecutive PowerPoint slides on a single display. Too much information on each slide can mean that your message loses its impact. Slide Show Duo allows you to show two slides at the same time to DOUBLE the impact, DOUBLE audience engagement and DOUBLE your success! All without changing how you create presentations.
When you start a Slide Show Duo Presentation, the first slide will appear on the left half of your monitor or projector.
When you advance the slide show, Slide 1 will move across to the right hand side of the display and be replaced by slide 2. This transition will repeat for all slides in your PowerPoint slide show.
If you have an interactive device (interactive whiteboard, interactive projector, pen panel, etc) then you can add annotations to the most recent (left-hand) slide.
Slide Show Duo also allows you to insert new blank slides on demand, so that any additional notes can be captured directly into PowerPoint for immediate distribution or as an accurate archive
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