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OfficeOne Shortcuts for PowerPoint


Feature: Shortcut to insert non-breaking space and non-breaking hyphen

Shortcut Category: Shortcuts for PowerPoint
Shortcut Commands: Insert Non-breaking Hyphen, Insert Non-breaking Space, Insert Soft Hyphen

Default Shortcut Keys:

Ctrl+Shift+-: Insert Non-breaking Hyphen
Ctrl+Shift+Space: Insert Non-breaking Space
<None>: Insert Soft Hyphen


Microsoft Word allows you to use keyboard shortcuts for inserting non-breaking hyphen and non-breaking space. Shortcuts for PowerPoint introduces this feature for Microsoft PowerPoint. The default shortcut assignments match those available with Microsoft Word.

For calling from macros:

Sub PPShortcuts_InsertNonBreakingHyphen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!InsertNonBreakingHyphen"
End Sub

Sub PPShortcuts_InsertNonBreakingSpace()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!InsertNonBreakingSpace"
End Sub
Sub PPShortcuts_InsertSoftHyphen()
    Application.Run "PPShortcuts.ppa!InsertSoftHyphen"
End Sub

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