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OfficeOne PointerKeeper 1.3

During slide shows, PowerPoint allows you to write annotations on the slides. You can turn ON the Ink feature by selecting the Pen from the slide show menu and write on the slide using any color you want. This is a great feature for use with Tablet PCs. Unfortunately, with PowerPoint 2010, the Pointer setting is not retained as you navigate through the slide show. This means you need to again select the Pen when you move to the next slide.

Important Note: A recent update for PowerPoint 2010 has fixed this issue. PointerKeeper is no longer required if you update your PC.

OfficeOne PointerKeeper was created specifically to solve this issue. When OfficeOne PointerKeeper is installed on the machine, it registers with PowerPoint 2010. When you now start your slide shows and use the Pen, OfficeOne PointerKeeper will ensure that the Pen is retained as you navigate through the slide show.

OfficeOne InkTools provides touch-friendly tools for use during the slide show with interactive whiteboards and tablet devices.

OfficeOne CircleTools helps you create brilliant presentations.


OfficeOne PointerKeeper is supported on Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (32-bit and 64-bit). Download the 460 KB installation executable from hereDownload.

Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure that Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is not running.
  2. Download and install PointerKeeper13.zip.
  3. Start Microsoft PowerPoint.

Using PointerKeeper

OfficeOne PointerKeeper fixes the issue of PowerPoint 2010 not being able to retain the pointer settings across the slides during slide show. To use it during the slide show, do the following:

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint 2010.
  2. Start slide show.
  3. Right-click on the slide show, select Pointer Options | Pen menu item.
  4. You can now write on the slide.
  5. Now when you move to next build or next slide, the pointer remains a Pen and you can still write on the slide.

PowerPoint also allows you to use Ctrl+P during the slide show to activate the Pen pointer. Ctrl+A takes you back to the Arrow pointer.

PointerKeeper can monitor the use of these keyboard shortcuts during the slide show. For that, it requires you to download and install OfficeOne Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint. In the presence of Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint, PointerKeeper notes down when you use Ctrl+P to change the pointer to Pen or Ctrl+A to change the pointer to Arrow.

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