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OfficeOne NoPassword 1.0

Microsoft Office PowerPoint does not allow you to supply a password through VBA/Automation when opening a password-protected presentation file. Instead, PowerPoint shows the password prompt when Presentation.Open() method is called. This causes the VBA/Automation code to wait until the password prompt is dismissed by the user.

NoPassword allows you to ignore the password prompt. It cancels the password prompt when it appears. NoPassword is a Windows application that sits in the Tray area (next to the clock). It monitors for the password prompt to appear and then cancels it out. Effectively, password-protected presentations cannot be opened when NoPassword is running. You need to close NoPassword to open password-protected presentations.


Download the 347 KB executable from hereDownload. There is no installation required. You can run this application directly after downloading it.

Using NoPassword

Run NoPassword.exe after downloading it. It will place a small icon in the Windows tray area. NoPassword is now running and it monitors for the password prompt dialog box. You can click the NoPassword icon in the Windows tray area to bring up a menu that allows you to quit NoPassword application.

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